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For a Tarot reading I will ask you to think about a question or your reason for wanting a reading while you're shuffling the cards, but I don't need you to say your question aloud.  If at the end of a reading, you want to share your situation, I can sometimes offer specific information about your circumstances but if you don't want to share, you're never required to do so.


For an Astrological reading, you are only required to listen and consider the information presented.  I welcome and encourage conversation and questions but your level of participation is totally your choice.


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If you've never been for a Tarot or Astrolgy reading, this will hopefully answer some questions.


I don't want to know your background or any questions you may have on your mind.  In fact, the less I know about you the better!  For an astrological reading, I will of course require your date, place and time of birth but this is all I need to know.  For a Tarot Reading, I just need you to be present with an open mind.  Skeptics are welcome but I always ask that you respect the process.


I believe we all have free will, with the power to initiate change and cope with whatever life brings in a positive manner. We are often met with challenges, choices and obstacles on our journey through life but these help us learn, grow and move on to better places.  Both Tarot and Astrology are tools that are meant to empower us spiritually and offer “food for thought”. In all my readings, I strive to provide practical, down-to-earth assistance in a warm, supportive and confidential atmosphere.


If I haven't answered your questions, feel free to email me at or call me at (867)667-6030

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